Artist Statement

A constant curiosity creates the need for me to draw daily in my sketchbooks, with my creative practice forever evolving.  With the quest to never work to a formula, always seeking the new, the process, the journey, the inner struggle as a painter is as important in my practise as the final product. My regular dose and connection with nature, provides a constant source of imagery and inspirations, I seek a personal interpretation of the landscape rather than a representational one, leaving the viewer an opportunity to be open to a speculation of what they are seeing, finding their own story.

Upon taking these drawings into the studio the magic really begins. The landscapes evolve when I draw from the drawing, working them into lush layered paintings. Through these artworks you are taken to a place to connect with all of nature’s positivity and healing.

In this fast paced modern world, we are losing our connection with the natural world. When being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, it has been proven to reduce anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings.

My aim is that my landscape paintings recreate that connection with nature, a joyous one that heals, soothes and restores. My landscapes are escapes into a quiet world where reality dissolves and you can live in the moment. You can almost feel the sun on your back and taste the salt from the sea.


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Come along for the ride with two comical, curious artists Fiona Verity and Julie Nicholson talking about their creative journey. Hear them interviewing artists, curators, gallery owners, teachers and all the creatives they can find to guide them within the arts community. Enjoy the banter as they discuss the art world and try to navigate through all the Art W**k .

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