Lockdown learning day 20 - its ok to be not ok - arggghh ..not happy jan .. that we are going to be doing this for at least 2 more weeks and realistically a month.. so what to do to get out of the funk .. best thing to do is paint it out … turning up is what counts - no matter whether you can only squeeze in an hour around homeschooling or you have all day cos everyone is sorted just keep on keeping on. So this one made it over the line today .. its part of a new series i am working on called ‘Interiorscapes’.. its looking pretty in this room.. #newwork #turnup #justkeeponkeepingon #paintitout #fionaveritypaints
lockdown learning day 13 .  have a listen to Julie and I being interviewed on a podcast - tables turned and we are the guests- big thanks to @michelle.j.cox for a great chat #podcast #fionaveritytalks
All the P’s today / Pottering, Paddling and Podcasts - happy sunday in studio pottering after a paddle with the girls and now Listening to great podcast with mindset coach Ben Crowe who works with Ash Barty. he talks about there are 2 questions to ask yourself for a good mindset- who am i? and what do i want? He speaks of embracing your lack of perfection and your vulnerability is a superpower - and embrace laughter such great advise - i have found this podcast so useful as i navigate the ups and downs of art prize rejections and navigating my journey creating my art.and questioning the point and purpose of it.  Check out the podcast soooo good …
I asked in my stories today what and how do you draw sounds .. have a go at it ., i am exploring different mark making and this is what i drew today from listening. what this space to see a development of drawing from sound.. #drawfromsound #drawit #experimentation #explore #reamaincurious #inspirationeverywhere #fionaveritydraws
Room with a View .. who knows where this view is? I am enjoying working on this series of Charcoal drawings .. all A3 on Canson 220gsm drawing paper with Generals charcoal pencils hard and medium .. working slowly building up the layers .. meditative and peaceful juat like the view from the room... #fionaveritydraws #whatyougonnadowiththatview #roomwithaview

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