I asked in my stories today what and how do you draw sounds .. have a go at it ., i am exploring different mark making and this is what i drew today from listening. what this space to see a development of drawing from sound.. #drawfromsound #drawit #experimentation #explore #reamaincurious #inspirationeverywhere #fionaveritydraws
Room with a View .. who knows where this view is? I am enjoying working on this series of Charcoal drawings .. all A3 on Canson 220gsm drawing paper with Generals charcoal pencils hard and medium .. working slowly building up the layers .. meditative and peaceful juat like the view from the room... #fionaveritydraws #whatyougonnadowiththatview #roomwithaview
Love this time of night in the studio - dog, podcast, a days work ✔️done- time to head into the house and interact with the family. i have some exciting new works completed - cant wait to show them- one series going straight to @artgalleryonpalmbeach this week and the other you will have to wait to see where they will be .. #newwork #artistoninstagram #fionaveritydraws
todays procrastination session is sitting in my chair with door shut - i never shut my studio door usually and its funny to find just one picture on the back of the door - why shut the door? cos 1 its cold and 2 the builders are soooooooo noisy next door .. lunchtime me thinks... whats on the back of your studio door? #artistday #whatdoartistdoallday #studiotime #iworkeveryday #wintershere
Draw everyday. Coffee, dogwalk, draw.. the clouds today drew me to the headland at Avalon- getting the image into my head by drawing it in my sketchbook is vital - it will pop up sonetime in a larger work from memory or reference .. so lucky to have so many amazing coffee spots on my doorstep @classiccoffee great burritos and coffee - now to the studio .. #fionaveritydraws #artistsofinstagram #greatstarttotheday
Saturday sketching .. I am enjoying drawing objects for my large scale drawings which i am now working up on canvas .. this wine bottle is so pretty - love the design always reminds me of a perfume bottle the stopper is so cool. Happens to also be a favourite of a fabulous friends - its kusg like her pretty and fun and faithfully fruity.. #fionaveritydraws #draweveryday #drawdrawdraw #draweveryday

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